Extra virgin olive oil


Olive oil is  the only vegetable oil that by squeezing the olives can be so consumed as it is  in nature without treatment or refining.
The olive oil is then obtained from the pressing of the olives, the fruit from the "olea europea" (olive tree), the origin of which came in the lands bordering the Mediterranean Sea perhaps around the fifth millennium BC.
From there to the present day olive oil has always accompanied the man in the preparation of most foods.

The phases of the olive oil production can be so 'summarized:
- Collection
- Transportation to mill
- Dry
- Squeezing-pressing
- Centrifugation-filtration.
- Everything therefore obtained only by mechanical means.

The main product in quality 'and' extra virgin olive oil, perche'ha a degree of acidity ', by law, less than 0.80.

To make a good extra virgin olive oil, you should follow some basic rules:
1) the olives must be harvested on the plant and not wait for fall alone.
2) the collection should be done early in October up the first 15 days of November.
3) the olives must be healthy and without insect bites.
4) the olives must be harvested with crates for ventilation and taken immediately to the mill to be milled (ground) within 24 hours, maximum 48 hours of collection.
5) the temperature of grinding must be within 36 ° to maximum 20/30 minutes.
6) the oil should be left to sit for a few days and then racked and then bottled.
7) the oil must be kept in tanks free of air and at a temperature of maximum 20 °.
8) the oil must be stored in the dark and if bottled in dark bottles that can do a little less light.
9) the acidity 'of a good extra virgin olive oil should be less than 0.5 degrees of acidity'.
10) the extra virgin olive oil and eaten raw 'a natural medication against free radicals, aging, and good for blood circulation,' cause rich in polyphenols, for this must be consumed within 12, maximum 18 months from production.
11) peroxides are the bad ones that increase with the oxidation and must be a maximum of 15/20.
12) the extra virgin olive oil should not be consumed fried.

The extra virgin olive oil of the farm and farm Villa Osvaldo, with olive groves in Umbria and Tuscany, following the rules above, and ensures that the olives are Tuscan and Umbrian quality 'Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoiano.

To make a good extra virgin olive oil with the rules described above and their olives, with a collection early October to November, so with a low yield, about 12-15 kilograms of oil per ton of olives, the costs are very high , then I invite you to be wary of extra virgin olive oils at low cost, or even below 5.00 euro per liter, bottled and 'impossible!
Unfortunately, the Italian law allows you to write 100% Italian olive oil and only if the 'made in Italy, even if the olives are foreign (Greek, Turkish, Tunisian, etc. ..).


Principe di Toscana


Obtained from Tuscan quality olives Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoiano.

less than 0,5 acidity

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Villa Osvaldo 0,50cl / flask

Obtained from Umbrian quality olives Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoiano.

less than 0,5 acidity

OExtra Virgin Olive Oil


Villa Osvaldo tin

Obtained from Umbrian quality olives Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoiano

less than 0,8 acidity


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